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Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Gwen Hickman is announcing her candidacy as a Republican candidate for the United States Senate for Virginia in 2024. As an attorney of over 30 years in immigration, injury and criminal

defense law, Gwen has successfully negotiated, mediated and resolved difficult, critical issues for Virginians from diverse backgrounds. Having served the people of Virginia as a lawyer and as an active member of the community, she understands the

unique challenges that Virginians face.

The current political climate is more chaotic and divided than ever before, and it is clear that

those in charge are prioritizing partisanship over the needs of the Virginian people. Gwen will work to end this polarization that continues to divide our country. "To create a prosperous and powerful nation, we must first unite as a people,” says Hickman. “We must set aside our differences and work towards a common goal, standing strong in the face of foreign threats and maintaining our diplomatic power. Let's build a nation that is not divided by politics, but united in purpose”.

Gwen recognizes the issues that are on Virginians' minds and supports policies to:

  • Ensure Virginia's children have access to schools and technologies that cater to their unique needs and that their parents have a voice in shaping the practices governing their children's education;

  • Promote and enforce regulation around financial institutions to guarantee that Virginians' hard earned savings and investments are safe;

  • Promote freedom of speech, reduce censorship, and protect Virginians' data privacy and security;

  • Provide paths for affordable and accessible healthcare for individuals and small businesses;

  • Reduce crime and work towards better rehabilitation programs and connect inmates with resources they need to successfully transition back into society;

  • Promote a strong U.S. economy by reducing inflation and the national debt, and;

  • Promote border security along the U.S. border.

Gwen looks forward to working for Virginians to create a state of prosperity for everyone. For

more information, visit or contact the campaign at to discuss issues that are important to you.

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