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Supreme Court Upholds Texas Law to Arrest Unlawful Entry and a FEW HOURS LATER ....

In a momentous triumph for border security and the principles of law and order, the Supreme Court grants Texas the authority to immediately enforce the law, allowing the arrest of people who unlawfully cross into the United States, and sending them back to Mexico.  This sends a clear message that illegal border crossings will not be tolerated. 

But, a few hours later, a " late-night order Tuesday from a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel temporarily put on hold — again — Texas’ dramatic state expansion into border enforcement. "

The American people have grown weary and frustrated with the consequences of uncontrolled illegal immigration. The displacement of law-abiding citizens, the strain on our resources, and the incidents of violence have caused people to rise up across America to stop the invasion.

Meanwhile, countless legal migrants have dutifully followed the established channels, patiently waiting outside the United States for years to enter lawfully. Yet, they too express their bewilderment and dissatisfaction with the preferential treatment afforded to those who flout the system and enter through unauthorized means. 

The Biden administration's approach to immigration has been plagued by confusion, inconsistency, and an inadequate focus on border enforcement. The Texas law represents an essential step towards restoring order and security to our borders.

As we chart our path forward, it is imperative that we engage in thoughtful and constructive dialogue on immigration policy. We must prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens while simultaneously addressing the aspirations of those who seek a better life within the boundaries of our laws. Americans demand a secure border and enforcement of immigration laws, underscoring our unwavering commitment to the principles of national sovereignty, the rule of law, and the preservation of our national security.

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