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Withdrawal from the Race

I am announcing my withdrawal from the race for the US Senate in Virginia. Throughout this campaign, I have been humbled and honored by the support and encouragement I have received from so many of you. I want to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for your belief in me and your commitment to the democratic process.

Over the course of this campaign, I have had the privilege of engaging with countless Virginians from all walks of life. This experience has been transformative, allowing me to gain a profound understanding of the values that truly matter to the people of Virginia. It is this understanding that has motivated me to bring about positive change and to channel the spirit of American values into our government.

Regrettably, it has recently come to my attention that during the signature collection process to appear on the primary ballot, we discovered during our diligence that some of our signature collectors had acted in bad faith and submitted a large quantity of forged signatures to our team.  Our team removed the forged signatures, however removing these forged signatures from our count brought us below the 10,000 signatures necessary to appear on the ballot.  This is the reality with which we must contend, however, I want to express deep gratitude to those who went above and beyond my expectations to gather signatures and mail them to me.

Although I must withdraw from the Republican Primary, this campaign has confirmed my confidence in the American people.  I am incredibly proud of the campaign we ran and the many individuals I had the privilege of meeting along the way. As I traveled around Virginia, you showed me your dedication to your family, your community, and your country. You showed me your faith in God and in our political system. You showed me that your values actually matter. You gave me such a warm reception and overwhelming support. I am grateful to have gotten to know you throughout this past year and I look forward to getting to know you better over the years to come.

The momentum has only just begun. The American spirit has inspired me and I'm far from being done. Stay tuned for next steps...

Gwen Hickman

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