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The Treacherous Ransom Deal: A Grave Mistake by the Biden Administration

The recent ransom deal made by the Biden Administration to secure the release of American hostages is a colossal mistake with far-reaching consequences. The dangers and concerns associated with paying ransom to known enemies of America, sets a dangerous precedent for future kidnappings and compromising the safety of Americans abroad. It is crucial to address the fundamental flaws in this deal and propose alternative measures to safeguard American interests and protect our citizens.

1. Undermining American Security: Paying ransom to terrorists jeopardizes the safety of Americans traveling abroad. This deal encourages bad actors to continue kidnapping Americans and demand exorbitant ransoms, putting all Americans at greater risk.

2. Lack of Understanding: The administration's decision reflects a lack of understanding of the complex dynamics and politics of the Middle East, resulting in a misguided approach that compromises our national security.

3. Trusting the Untrustworthy: The deal with the Iranian regime is based on accepting their false commitments and disregarding their long-standing hostility towards America. Trusting a regime that has chanted "death to America" is a grave error.

4. Humanitarian Funds Misused: Despite claims that the funds will be used for food and medicine, enforcing this clause is nearly impossible. The Iranian regime is likely to divert the money towards military expenditures and suppressing the Iranian people, enabling further crimes against humanity.

5. Supporting Adversaries: By indirectly aiding Russia in the Ukrainian war through Iran, the administration's actions contradict our commitment to supporting Ukraine and combating Russian aggression. This dangerous contradiction must be addressed.

The Biden Administration's ransom deal is a treacherous mistake that compromises American security and undermines our values. To rectify this situation, Congress must take immediate action to send a clear message to the Iranian regime and prevent future hostage takings. Proposed measures include implementing travel bans to Iran, imposing sanctions on Iranian regime officials, and deporting family members who take advantage of American freedoms while their regime commits crimes against humanity. It is crucial to end the double standard and prevent further kidnappings and destruction on Western soil.

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