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Instructions for Signature Collection

Welcome to the Gwen Hickman for Senate signature gathering team!


Seeking motivated individuals who can engage with voters and collect signatures.


The petition circulator will connect directly with community members voters and

must possess excellent people skills to gather signatures in public spaces.


Our campaign team will have an event calendar in your area so you will be able to engage with a larger group of friendly voters to easily gain large swaths of signatures. Apart from this event schedule, you are also welcome to collect signatures through canvassing neighborhoods, shopping plazas and/or visiting neighborhoods door to door. The goal is to reach 400 signatures per week!



  • Market and promote petitions to the public.

  • Must possess integrity and commitment.

  • Must be honest, detail oriented, and able to follow instructions.

  • Must be comfortable engaging with the public.

  • Canvassing, sales or petition experience is a plus but not required.



  • Must be able to average 50-70 signatures a day (400/week)

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Work Location: Varies in your general area


  • Print the petition form Double Sided. You can print it in black and white.

  • On the first page on the third block, "Petition Signer Statement", you will see a blank line (County/City/Town). Fill this in with the particular County or City or Town (independent municipality) in which you are collecting signatures: Ex. Fairfax County, or City of Charlottesville. Use a separate petition form for each County/City/Town.

  • Collect Signatures. 

    • Ask if the person is a registered Voter. If not they cannot sign.

    • Have the person write their Full Name, Full Address, Signature, and Date Signed. Make sure it is written slowly and legibly. If it cannot be read, it won't count.

    • The last 4 of the Social Security is optional but preferable as it helps us validate the voter easier.

  •  After you have collected all your signatures, you must complete the Circulator Affidavit in the presence of a Notary, writing out your Full Name, Residential Address, Signature, and Date of Signature.  

  • Return the signatures to Gwen Hickman at 1000 Queen Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, by certified mail, or schedule a time for us to pick them up from you directly.



Please use these talking points when addressing voters. Initially, you will want to keep the ask short and simple to limit lengthy interactions with individuals and maximize your time to gain as many signatures as possible.

“Hi, I want to introduce you to Gwen Hickman who is running for US Senate for Virginia. I am collecting signatures so she can be on the ballot and run her campaign. Would you mind signing this petition to give Gwen an opportunity to run for Senate?”

If the voter is hesitant or says they have already signed a petition for another candidate:

“You are able to sign for every candidate and a signature does not mean you support them and is just a way to verify that you are a registered voter.”


You will have palm cards to hand out but in the case that people are hesitant or even while they are signing, you can brief them on a couple of the key points about Gwen’s platform and qualifications.

  • She is an advocate of prioritizing the American people and wants to keep American tax dollars helping American taxpayers. 

  • She is a 30 year immigration, criminal and personal injury attorney and the most qualified candidate to bring order to the chaos happening at the border.

  • She is against government overreach.

  • Pro-second amendment rights.

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