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Gwen is committed to breaking the cycle of reactionary crisis management by proactively addressing long-standing issues. She believes in treating each other with respect, ending hate, violence, and discrimination in our society. Gwen's mission is to foster unity by bringing people from diverse backgrounds together and finding solutions that work for the common good. Her love for our country and commitment to core American values drives her to fight tirelessly for the people of Virginia and America. 

✓Committed to Virginia: A Virginia resident of over 40 years, Gwen Hickman understands our state and its people.


✓ Legal Expert: As an attorney with over 30 years of experience, Gwen has a proven track record in criminal, immigration, and personal injury law, including providing pro-bono services to those in need.


✓ Small Business Advocate: As a Virginia small business owner herself, Gwen knows firsthand the challenges businesses face and will work to create a thriving business environment.


✓ Immigration Reform: Gwen's expertise in immigration issues makes her uniquely qualified to advocate for a reformed and just immigration system.


✓ Education Champion: As a parent of two children who attended Virginia K-12 public schools and universities, Gwen recognizes the importance of strong collaboration between parents and educators.

Meet Gwen

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Investing in Virginia's Success

Economic Growth

Inflation is hurting hard-working Americans, and it is critical that we put policies in place to restore economic stability in our country and prioritize American workers. We need stricter oversight around financial institutions to guarantee that Virginians' hard earned savings and investments are safe. I also support policies that continue to help small businesses as they are the core of the American economy. As the owner of a law firm, I understand the difficulties that small businesses face, and I will support policies that promote small business growth, job creation, and reduce taxes on American consumers where possible.

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